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    Arco gulvlampen ble designet av Achille og Pier Castiglioni i 1962. Et designikon uten like, med nydelig marmorfot der alle detaljene er nøye uttenkt. Det er hele to meter mellom foten og lampen, slik at man ikke opptar plassen rundt bordet man skal sette seg ved. Marmorfoten har avrundede kanter, slik at man ikke skal kunne skade seg samt det lille hullet som er der for å kunne løfte den lettere. Her er hva designduoen sier selv om lampen:

    "We were thinking about a lamp that shines light onto a table. They already existed, but you had to walk round them. To leave enough space around the table, the base had to be at least two meters away. Which was how the idea for Arco came into being. We wanted to make it with commercially available parts and we found that curved steel angle iron worked perfectly well.Then there was the problem of the counterweight: a heavy weight was needed to support it all. Our first thought was concrete, but then we chose marble because the same weight took up less space, and also because we could obtain a better finish for a lower cost. In Arco nothing is decorative: even the beveled corners on the base have a function, which is not to hurt us; even the hole isn’t a flight of fantasy, but to make it easier to lift the base.” Achille Castiglioni (interview for Ottagono, 1970)

    • E27, max 70 watt
    • Lyspære medfølger ikke
    • Aluminium, marmor, rustfritt stål
    • 63.8 kilo
    • 2.4 m høy, 2.2 m dyp
    • Bestillingsvare