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Mobil 5 taklampe, Sort

fra Pholc
5.695,00 kr
    Forventet sendt fra vårt lager innen: 7-10 dager

    “Give me a lamp that will look great on a New York loft”. With those words I started to work with the series Mobil for PHOLC. 

    Thinking of the typical New York balcony racks in black metal and the round streetlights on Brooklyn Bridge. Those ingredients resulted into a pendant lamp where 4 equal parts are linked on each other. Turning each part makes it look like a mobile. The wall lamp and table lamp in the same collection are minimalistic. 

    – Monika Mulder, 2016 

    • Høyde: 100 cm
    • Diameter: 70 cm
    • 3 meter sort tekstilledning
    • Pæresokkel: G9, 5x20watt
    • Lyskilder medfølger ikke ( vi anbefaler led)
    • Materiale: Metall / Glass
    • Farger: Finnes i Messing, Sort eller Stål